Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's in Your Diaper Bag?

Yes, I still carry a diaper bag with me on the weekends.  I have come close to just carrying diapers and wipes in a small backpack William got for his birthday.  However, even at 20 months William needs a lot of "stuff."  Of course the main items are diapers and wipes but I still carry a change of clothes.  This is the by far the best decision I have made and probably will always have a change of clothes for my kids.  William occassionally still spits up and it is so much worse now than when he was an infant.  I know hard to believe, huh?  Here are other things you may find in my diaper bag:

I also try to keep juice boxes but I do not use the same brand every time.  The pouches are an easy go to item while on the go and we even use them in the car.  William has learned how to squeeze just enough not to make a mess. 

There is "Mommy" items in there as well-wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.  I find it easier to throw my things in with his but I admit I look forward to the day I can just carry a purse.  As a mom I do not know when this would be.  Even older kids need things for school, sports, etc.  Once a mother always a mother.  Right?

I think there is still diaper cream even though William has not had diaper rash in a long, long time (knock on wood).  I try to be as prepared as possible (obviously) and there are times I need something I do not have with me.  It is usually more snacks!

I have a couple of diaper bags but this is the one I am using now-

Vera Bradley-given to me as a Christmas gift before William was born.  I really do not have any complaints and I think its perfect for the Fall/Winter months. 

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