Monday, October 1, 2012

All my Favorites

1. Tell us about your 5 favorite memories in your life.
             In no particular order...
  • Meeting my sweet William for the first time. 
  • Meeting Montana and Erin-yes I am meshing these into one memory.  I met Montana working at McAlister's Deli and Erin in class.  These girls changed my life and made for wonderful memories in Auburn!
  • Graduating from Auburn.  After 5 years (immature girl) I made it to graduation and moved to Birmingham.
  • Meeting the Hubs.  I knew almost immediately he was going to be my hubs.  Montana and I were celebrating her graduation (mine to had I not been an immature girl) at Supper Club.  He was there with mutual friends of Montana's.  I remember asking her, "He won't drug me will he?"  HAHAHA!  We had a rule: no drinks from random guys, ever.  She assurred me he was safe.
  • My wedding day which is full of memories.  My Dad walking me down the isle and seeing the hubs at the end waiting on me. 
2. Show us 3 of your favorite beauty products.
          Eeks..not a beauty product lover but,

3. Tell us what your favorite TV shows are to watch.
  • Dexter-I absolutely love this show and I know it is BAD.  I am admitting I watch a BAD show!  He is gorgeous and kills bad people.  I am not one to judge him.  No really the show is great.
  • Gossip Girl- Until last season and if you watch it you understand.  All I can say is Chuck Bass...
  • Back in my younger days--Dawson's Creek and Felicity.  Embarassed to say sometimes I get the "craving" for certain episodes and re-watch. 
4. Show us 2 of your favorite pictures.

5. Tell us your favorite things to do during "me time."
  • Read-I love to read.  My goal right now and has been for a while: read non-fiction books.  As much as I love to read I need to be learning from it.
  • Blog-This is perfect for a baby/family scrapbook.  I had a baby book for William but I kept this updated a lot more.

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