Monday, October 22, 2012

New School

William had his first day at his new school today and did great.  Rudy had taken him 2x last week and then this morning had no trouble leaving him.  His teacher did say he got a little clingy this afternoon and was pointing for his blanket and lovey.  William is not attached to any one particular blanket or lovey so when she said this I was shocked.  He also had to hold them the entire ride home; first day nerves I guess. 
Once we got home he even held them for a few minutes before a piece of cheese lured him into the highchair.  I read his sheet on the way home and it said he was not shy at all.  This also surprises me because he is not a fan of someone pushing his cart at Publix on the way to the car.  To top off the day he took over a 2 hour nap.  As of now he is super fussy and I am hoping its just his teeth (4 canines at once I would say, yes).   
So why the change in schools?  Well, I will not go into a lot of detail but I have been struggling with the decision for months.
Ever since he moved up I have been less than impressed with the level of care.  I do believe his teachers cared about him but just were not overly concerned with his safety.  On  numerous occassions there were kids on tables, toys, etc.  William also came home with lots of "uh-oh's" and several of those no one had a clue.  Lastly, William was covered in dirt: hair, face, ears from playing outside.  I do not mind him playing outside; I want it.  However, allocate time for cleaning up afterwards.  Finally, he is still not saying much so after all the testing we have done we figured he may need a change in schools.  The new daycare we chose has a daily lesson plan as well as a classroom free of anything that can be climbed.  Again, I will say the daycare I left cared for William a lot just did not pay attention to the small things I guess. 

First day at his new school.  Serious sidenote:  "That's My Boy" DVD in his hand is by far one of the dirtiest movies I have ever watched.  Adam Sandler is one of my favs but this one was beyond ridiculous.  William was in bed when we watched it!!

William's first day of school EVER--October, 2011.  What a difference a year makes.  

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