Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We made it to the Pumpkin Patch today since William ended up sick last weekend.  The morning started off with lunch with my Dad and then the drive to Clanton.  Yes, I actually allowed him to miss napping in his crib but he napped in the car so all was well in our world.  He woke up laughing when we pulled in the parking lot; perfect timing.  I wanted to change his diaper (in the trunk of course) and my Toms filled with ants.  Once we got past the ants and the fact that the hubs thought we could use debit cards at a pumpkin patch the fun began.  Thank goodness they had allowed debit cards in the "souvenir shop" which also sold hay ride tickets. 
We took the ride to the patch and William did great.  It was very hot and he wanted to be held most of the time but was in a good mood.  After we got our pumpkin which took 1000 forevers (thanks hubs) we gave the Petting Zoo a go.  And you will see in the picture William was not at all into the farm animals. 

Just look at the camera sweet boy.

William refused this photo op so I took advantage.

Really do not know what Budsy is doing here.

Not even sure if this was the "one" or just a tester pumpkin.

He was sad about the stem and tried to put it back on...

3.00 ticket to petting zoo..FAILURE.

Just proof William STILL despises the car.

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