Friday, October 5, 2012

20 Months

This is William but you can not see his whole body.  :(

Not his smile for real.

He is so annoyed with me!

Sums up how this picture session went this month.
  • Size 4 Diapers, 5 at night
  • 18-24 Months Clothes--his waist is tiny so his winter pants are a little lot loose
  • Home scale ranges from 25-26 lbs. and 35" day of surgery
  • Size 6 shoe
  • 12 teeth and working on at least one more (top) but now loathes getting his teeth brushed. 
  • Bedtime b/t 7:45-8:30 (depending on nap) wakes around 6AM--trying to work on a later wake up time.  I would be jumping for joy with 7AM!  Naps around 1-2 hrs and we will sometimes see a short nap at daycare.
  • Eats mostly the same.  Sometimes refuses a meal.  Favs: banana, toddler pouches, mums, cereals, cheese, MILK, milk, MILK, peas and carrots.  Not a huge meat fan.  Will eat a bite of my bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese.  Still working on untensils.  William really wants to use them but always misses the food when using the fork. 
  • Same vocabulary for most part.  Will point and say: "car," and "dog."  Has said "baby" and "color."  I can understand "milk."  I work with him as much as I can.  Rudy has even said stop saying whatever word because I am a broken record.  Signs "more" and "eat."
  • Loves, loves outside and is on his best behavior when outdoors.  Speaking of behavior-started time out in the pack n play and is working for the most part.
  • Colors more and more but also likes to eat crayons.  Yuck.
  • William understands basic commands and questions.  He will nod yes when asked if ready for a bath.  Sits down for his shoes.  Occassionally lays down when asked if he needs diaper change.  Puts his toys away (most of the time).  Washes his body with wash cloth and leans head in when he sees me with the shampoo.  Can take off his pants but has not mastered pulling them back up.  He does other things of course but I never remember when I am doing the monthly update.

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