Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Like Riding a Bike

  Compass (my employer) is putting on a "Family Fun Day" in December which includes a 5K.  I ran one a few years ago and trained for it by doing "Couch25K."  I guess I slowly quit running after the 5K which I think has a lot to do with not having a reason to run.  As much as I love running I need motivation and the best motivator is competition! 
  This is where "Family Fun Day" comes into the picture.  My only concern is that its on December 8th which is right around the corner.  I knew I did not have time for the original program so I figured I would just do my best.  I spoke with my friend, Yachira, who happens to be a runner.  She had confidence that I could run at least one mile without stopping.  What??  No freaking way!!
  Obviously yours truly needs to work on her self confidence because I did it.  To add to my excitement I ran it in about 10 minutes which is not fast but fast for someone who has not ran since birthing a babe.  Then I walked a bit and felt good enough to run more.  What??  I guess she is right--its a mind game.  I am looking forward to Wednesday and I did survive the day waking up at 4:30AM (with the help of a large coffee from McDonald's).  Will keep this updated for tracking purposes on my time.  I may even throw in some before and after pics, maybe. 

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