Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Minute Friday Link Up

Five Minute Friday

  Voice, we should all strive to make ours heard.  We all have opinions, wants, and needs.  Our voice is what makes these known.  We speak to others and then we listen.  Our babies who may not yet speak have a voice.  They will quickly let you know what is wrong through crying or even a fit.  That is their voice.  But as adults we should be able to voice our opinions in an educated, mature manner.  Let's not teach our babies who are learning from us to voice their opinions negatively.  Do not have a bad attitude or pitch a fit (seen it happen) if when you speak its not immediately heard.  Have your facts together when you voice an argument.  Never expect someone to take your opinion seriously if it is not backed by facts.  Continue to let your voice be heard but do not be a "baby" about it.  Remember babies do not know any better; you are their voice. 


  1. Hi, I'm over here from the Five Minute Friday linkup. Interesting thoughts you have - I hadn't seen it this way before. Have a great day!