Sunday, October 21, 2012


  This weekend has been nice since both Rudy and I were off work.  Usually one of us has to work Saturday.  William's weekend started early with a pick up from daycare by Grammie and Papa.  This is was his last day (more on that later) so I felt bad but did not want William to miss out on time with his g-parents.  I thought they would just bring him to our house but they took him to the Galleria (sans diaper bag).  It is so funny because I won't go to the Walgreen's without it and my parents thought nothing of it.  William cashed in on some new clothes and of course a cookie with chocolate milk.
  We had dinner at home from TX Roadhouse and we planned on meeting after the Auburn game the next day.  Rudy and I ended up running errands way before the end of the game because its TERRIBLE to watch.  Literally breaks my heart!  We brought up the zoo to my parents and they were fine with it but since its "Boo at the Zoo" they close early.  My dad had to finish the game so we would not have had anytime to enjoy it.  William settled for the park and had a blast (sorry no pics).  He was sliding all by himself and playing in the tunnel on the playsets.  Sidenote: I will say "big" kids are a little rude and after that park trip I am making a point to teach William to be kind to toddlers.  Seriously, they trapped him in the tunnel!! 
  William had a super early nap Saturday so dinner out was chaotic to say the least.  Let's just say I took him out for a breather.  I could not blame him but I can blame those canines taking their sweet time breaking through.  Today, Rudy and my dad played golf then after William's nap we headed to the outlet mall.  To say we are thankful for all of the nice things Budsy got would be an understatement.  Lots of outfits from Carter's and two new pair of shoes!  Of course, all Mommy got was a diet coke.  Funny how things change when you give your parents grandchildren. 

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