Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drops, drops, drops

  My dad called me last Thursday about going to the Auburn game.  He has season tickets and my mom was having back pain.  I enjoyed the day with my dad but there really aren't words for the game.  Seriously!!  Rudy texted me saying William fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep in Wal Mart.  I just had that "mommy feeling" that William must be getting sick.  He never stays asleep after we take him from the car.  Sure enough when I got home his eye was full of "gunk."  I knew it was pink eye because he has had it before.  I wanted him to get on meds ASAP but our pediatrician is closed on Sunday's now so I opted for the Urgent Care.  William got eye drops for pink eye, Zithromax for any bacterial stuff that was starting, cough meds and a missing tube in left ear. 
  His ear canal is very narrow so I was hoping she just could not see it.  Later that night William is rubbing his right ear and fussing.  I just thought it was water from his bath because we had just seen the doctor.  He screamed for a couple of hours and we knew it must be ears.  This is what William does when his ears are infected-screams at night.  But, no, he just saw a doctor so must be the eye tooth.  I called the ENT so we could confirm the tube in the left ear.  Yes, both tubes are there and yes his right ear is infected. 
  We leave with more drops.  The pink eye also moved to his other eye and is worse.  William's personality is not much different until nap time.  I had to rock him to sleep but luckily he slept over an hour and a half once asleep.  This morning his eyes look a lot better, his ear is draining, but his cough is worse.  This is the norm and the cough usually lasts a good 10 days.  I plan on putting him back on his regular allergy meds tonight and hopefully this will aid in drying up some of the mucous. 

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