Saturday, December 20, 2008


I work, eat, sleep. I have been working doubles (lunch and dinner) all week. It is draining life out of me daily. I love my family more than anything else this world could offer. I love my family morw then the $100 or around that I make per day I work a double. Money is nothing to someone without love. If I had all the money in the world and I did not have my father to listen to my complaints, my husband to laugh with or my mother to argue with I would be beyond depressed. I worry about my mother all the time; I also cherish the days she is full of life and smiles. I am my mother's daughter and I love her despite her faults. We all have faults and it up to us as humans to make the decision to correct our faults.
I continue to live my life although my brother's came to end in May. I continue to get out of bed, eat, and work. I continue to drive down the interstate and yell at people who have lost their ability to drive. As I continue to live my life I think of my brother. I hear him come inside from smoking a cigarette, I hear the slap of our hands as he gives me a high five. I hear him laugh with my Dad as we watch his favorite show, "King of Queens." The sad part of hearing my brother is that I never heard him ask for help. Did he keep secrets? Of course, we all do. I am ending this with listen to your family and friends and cherish them with all you have in you. You never know what tomorrow brings.

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