Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Blog

I am sitting in my apartment with two dogs waiting on Rudy to get home. When I worked fifty hours a week at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car; I would think to myself I want to be sitting at home. I have learned from the silence in this apartment except for the occassional barks I would rather work. I would not want to work fifty hours and especially not at ERAC. When I am at home I watch television or read. Episodes of "Yes, Dear" and "King of Queens" I have seen one hundred times or more. I still literally laugh out loud and everytime I do I think of Montana Fain. Montana is my best friend since I worked at McAlister's Deli in Auburn. You think "best friend"; that is so elementary school. To be honest with you I have never had a best friend, ever. I can not find words that describe Montana. We both have watched each other change over our friendship. We have never fought, except once. She remembers that "once" I am sure. Anyways, the reason why I think of Montana when I watch these two hilarious TV shows is because I came in from class one day and she said I laughed out loud to "Reba" today by myself. Try it one day when your alone and take notice.
Rudy. I married him October 25, 2008. He is a wonderful man and makes me laugh constantly. He cooks and not just because he loves me. He cooks because I am not a blessed cook at all. I try and it still turns out bad. Rudy loves pictures which I found annoying after a while. Then I turned on the computer one day and saw Christopher. Christopher Douglas Hester, my brother, died in May a few days after his 21st birthday. Why? I will never know although every day I try to answer that question. As I skipped through pictures I found one of my brother and my father. My father is my other best friend and that is the truth. I told him on my wedding day that if he was female he would have been my maid of honor. That picture which was taken during a break from beer pong is amazing in every sense of the word. Christopher looked so happy that day with his big beautiful smile and his arm around his father. His father who he had an up and down relationhip with on a constant basis. The father that struggled every day with how to deal with him. The father that would not allow him to do what he wanted. The father that I know loved him very much. Rudy took that picture because Christopher said, "Get one with me and Daddy." Yes, we called our father Daddy. Rudy did not know that my brother would be gone in May but now I appreciate his love for photography and never complain.
I am sure you will learn more about Christopher, I think of memories all the time.

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