Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am alone. Rudy and Daddy went to play the Par 3. Rudy's parents are also visiting but went to church and still have not gotten back yet. I finished another Jodi Picoult novel which turned out to be one of my favorites. I love to read; it is like jumping into another's world. As I read I imagine the scenes in my head. They are so detailed and much more interesting than a movie. I read incredibly fast and it baffles Rudy. A long novel of five hundred pages takes three days tops, less if I have nothing to do. Putting a book down for any period of time is like pausing a movie in the middle of it's climax. People just do not do that. One of goals as a teacher (I am going back to school) is to bury a love of books into children. Reading broadens the imagination wheras movies already do all the work for the viewers. Yes, I am back in school but I am also getting my master's degree. I have a degree in marketing and can not find my niche. Of course a part of my decision is the schedule of a teacher. They get the major holidays off as well as the summer. This is not because I am lazy but for my future family. I want to be the best mother and I know I will not be able to be home with them all the time. This is the next best thing. A child needs their parents to be involved and happy to be involved. I do not want my children to have keys to the house while Rudy and I work until 6 at night. I want to be at home eager to help with homework or take them to soccer practice. I know life is not all roses, believe me I know. I also believe it takes a lot of effort to raise a child that wants to make something of himself. Consistency between both parents is a must. I do not have children, but you can trust that I hve seen parenting first hand. I will not get into details on this, it is to much information for strangers. It is odd to see what is really on your mind after writing an entire blog. I started writing this "untitled" because I did not have a subject but this has turned out well.

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