Friday, December 5, 2008

My day...

I am currently a server at Dale's Southern Grill and today was my third shift. I did a lot better today than last night. Dinners are definitely harder than lunches. I am going back in a half a hour; my first double. I am not extremely tired but just worried. The computer scares me which falls back to the menu scaring me. I just got off work and it was not totally bad. I had three booths and one extra table; I did well. I am learning the computer; tonight was so much more productive than Thursday night.
I am in love with my husband. He joined my parents tonight at Dale's for dinner. I came up to get their drinks and I thought to myself, "That's my husband." You do not really see your family from other's point of views until you are their server. I could hear them conversate about me (very weird) and just day to day stuff. I learned how other servers see my mother (annoyingly undecisive), my father (ordering for his wife) and my husband who is thinking why did I take the invite to eat with my in-laws. My mother is overly needy which forces me to sprint back and forth to her table. That brings up another thought, I am also overly needy when I go out to eat. Back to why I am in love with my husband. I was jealous of my family tonight; I wanted to go out to eat as well. I tell the three of them this information and my father tells me he will make it up on Sunday (my only day off). I am asking if they want dessert and I already know they do not want it. We never order dessert at restaurants, but my wonderful husband says lets get red velvet cake to go for Jennifer. My heart turns flips that he thought of that and I immediately agree and send it back to the kitchen. I sometimes think that Rudy does not keep me in his thoughts as much as he should (on my scale). However, he always proves me wrong when he does things like that.

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