Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wonderful Husband

Rudy and I have been going to sushi once a week (on the discount night) for months. We skipped last week and virtually spent nothing on food for the week. I have a final today at 4 so we decided to have sushi, splurge for fried rice and Brewster's as well last night. I decided to call this a "date night" because Rudy suggested we finally use the movie coupons. We both wanted to see Four Christmases' so we stopped by the theatre and Rudy got tickets. I assumed Four Christmases' and off to Wal-Mart we went for bananas and milk. We get home and the dogs are begging for a quick walk, and I also really need to go to the restroom. The dogs are first and while I am washing my hands Rudy shows me the movie tickets. He bought "Twilight" tickets, and I was so happy. I literally jumped and down for around two minutes and we left. The book was amazing and the movie was not quite as amazing but off the charts. Any book allows the reader to imagine the scene on their own, so for me some of the characters did not come out the same in the movie. The Cullen's did for sure, gorgeous. All in all it was a wonderful night with a wonderful husband.

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