Wednesday, February 5, 2014

William is Three

  I can not believe William is three years old!  Having Hannah reminds me of him at her age and it seems like yesterday.  William impresses us everyday in all areas.  He is smart, kind hearted, hilarious, and the best big brother. 

  William weighs about 33 or so pounds.  He goes for check up mid March so I'll update then. 
  He is in 3T clothes.  He can fit in some 2T pants but they are a little short.  Size 8 or 8 1/2 shoe. Wears a pull up when sleeping in a 3T-4T but probably does not need it! 
  Sleeps from about 8 to when we get him up for school.  William usually gets up before that and comes in our room.  He naps for about an hour at home but fights like crazy to skip it. 
  William is still very picky with foods.  He eats hot dogs, lunchables, cheese, fruit, spaghetti, soup, muffins, and other random things.  On occasion he will surprise us and take a bite of our veges. 
  He loves a kid's meal but never finishes it! Rudy usually eats the fries and finishes the burger.  He will eat tacos from Taco Bell but again rarely finishes anything.   
  Ever since the bud was potty trained and the candy poured down like rain he loves candy!  Most of the time he won't finish the Oreo or the mini bag of skittles. William likes to hoard things.  He will take our food and just place on his plate. 

  He is talking like crazy.  He will tell stories, talk in small paragraphs, and repeat almost any word we say to him.  He can say any name but his is still not clear.  William talks to people in public and gets upset if they ignore him.  
  Repeats the alphabet behind us and randomly says letters on his own.  Not a fan of counting. We are working on colors.
  He is done with speech therapy and will not qualify for extended services!  His therapist says William is doing great with his speech!  I knew he was fine when he started repeating very difficult words.

  Can dress himself for the most part.  Still working on the shirt.  Will ask if the shoe he is slipping on is on the right foot.  Prefers clothes with pockets (hoarder).  He always has some sort of wallet or bag with him. William knows what money is and what the rides cost at the mall. 

  Not a huge toy fan but will play with trains.  He likes stuffed animals and blankets (many are named).  Loves books and the IPad.  His favorite thing to do is hang with his Daddy.  They go to the store almost every night and the zoo, science center, or Chuck E Cheese on the weekends.  

His two year old Auburn chair picture-

What a difference a year makes!  His hair is so much darker now! 

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