Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hannah-2 Months


  Hannah is probably close to 11 lbs. now! She wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 months clothing.  Still sporting the red hair and blue eyes!  She is getting more alert each day.  Hannah loves to look at the mobile in her swing.  She loves to lay down and kick her legs.  Her teacher commented on how great Hannah controls her head.  So it's not just me being biased!  
  She eats between 4 and 5 oz. seven times a day.  Hannah has 4 bottles at school.  
  She sleeps from about 9 to anywhere between 4 and 5 the next morning.  Now that school has started Hannah just cat naps.  Hopefully she will adjust soon and sleep better at school. I'm not complaining because the sweet baby lets me sleep basically all night.  
  Hannah is still in the pack n play and sleeps swaddled.  Our goal is to have her in her room mid March when the bud gets his new furniture.  She sits in the bouncy seat while I get ready in the morning.  
  Since she eats around 4 I do not feed her again before school.  I get her to school by 6:20 and she usually is asleep before we leave the house.  Hannah is doing ok at school but with the reflux she needs to be upright a long time after eating.  This is not possible; the teachers have other babies to care for.  I'm trying to be ok with this because there is nothing I can do.  I feel guilty but she will out grow this soon. 
  Rudy picks her up from school around 4:30 but gets William first because he has to help.  He carries her bottle bag to the car and tells me all about her room.  He is a great big brother!  
  Hannah is bathed every night and loves it!  She just stares at me while I bathe her.  William was helping but has recently become bored with it.  

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