Friday, February 14, 2014

Hannah's Checkup

  Since Hannah starts daycare next week the doctor did her 2 month check up at 6 weeks.  This way she could get her shots to start school.  
  Hannah is right on track for her age and the doctor didn't have any concerns.  I'm still worried about her reflux because she still spits up quite often.  Her weight tells a different story because she is in the 75th percentile!  
  The doctor was fine with me alternating the Gentlease with the formula with added rice to help with reflux.  Hopefully keeping the Gentlease in her system will keep her regular.  She can have a little juice if she shows any signs of constipation.  
  We will keep her on the meds for now and will re evaluate at her 4 month checkup.  I will give a full update in her 2 month post.  

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