Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Have Gestational Diabetes

  I went in for my first glucose test without a care in the world.  I did not have it with William and did not have any concerns.  So on Friday as I was napping on my lunch break my phone rings and its the doctor's office.  She kindly said my test was a bit high and I need to come in for a second test that would last 3 hours.  I was in such shock I did not even ask what my numbers were.
  I scheduled the day off the following Monday and went in for my test.  I asked about my first test and the lab tech said it came back at 171 and should have been under 130.  Well that caused some concern.  I had to stay for the entire time because the lady that ran the blood work results was going to be late.  By the time I left I was starving!  I went straight to Wendy's for the # 1 and thank goodness I did because the next day I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and put on a strict diet.
  The highest level came back at 187.  I immediately started the diet and basically count carbs everyday.  Just like with any diet I have ever done give me a a week or so and I have it memorized.  I know exactly what I can eat and eat the same foods all of the time.  I honestly can say I feel better physically since watching my carbs.  I am not near as drained in the evenings or cranky.  I go Monday to have my levels checked and see my doctor.  Hoping for a good report.

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