Tuesday, October 1, 2013

26 Weeks Preggo Update

Weight Gain: As of yesterday at home I have gained 2 pounds since my last visit.  I will take it!  After a 9 pound gain in one month I made some serious changes and feel good about the 2 pounds.  I do have a growing baby girl in my belly so weight gain is expected.  At this point my total is probably around 20 pounds with 14 weeks left.  We will see if I stay within the "range."

Size of baby: Cucumber

William is Thinking: He helped assemble the crib.  No really, he found a screwdriver and tried to put the screws in.  William likes to go in "sissy's" room on a regular basis.  He will play in the crib but knows it is for Hannah.  He will say "Hannah" if asked.  

How I Feel: I feel decent.  Sleep is getting worse.  I fall asleep quickly but after the first bathroom break I toss and turn for a while.  Hannah is always kicking me and I love every second of it.  I often find myself thinking of what she will look like, how she will act, if she will love like her big brother does.  I am also trying to walk on breaks at lunch and stay active in the evenings.  I have not had much indigestion recently and hope it stays that way.  In the last few days all I have wanted to eat is sweet stuff.  This means I have not eaten all of my meals; it just does not taste good.  I am sticking to it and not over indulging in sweets.  

Things to Come: We are still working on the nursery but not in a rush.  This time around we know what to expect and we know having the nursery 100% complete is not necessary.  4D ultrasound is October 23!  We did not do this with William and this could be our last chance.  However, Rudy doesn't want to see it til after she arrives.  We will see if he holds out!  On a non Hannah note I am planning on potty training soon.  William is getting better with the potty and I feel we are getting close to that time.  Cross your fingers.  

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