Friday, April 15, 2011


Rudy decided that we need to walk.  This coming from a man that has rarely walked with me ever; I think William has something to do with the new desire to walk.  I am not complaining at all; I absolutely love this time with my two favorite guys.  With a society smothered in technology the only way to enjoy your family is to walk (leave the ipod at home please).  The past few days we have just taken a quick stroll around our neighborhood but last night Rudy decided to get crazy and go to the park.  So after dinner, feeding William, cleaning the kitchen, getting the stroller into the car; we finally made it to the park.  I loved every second of that walk.  I watched kids fish, little boys play tee ball, and families enjoying a Spring picnic.  I did not have a computer, television, only a cell phone for emergencies and the world did not end.  I pray that Rudy continues to want to take William for strolls because he is also making me the happiest wife in the world.  This makes me happy because I get to remember Christopher.  My family would also take walks after dinner and I can imagine the two of us riding bikes (or Daddy pushing bikes since we decided that was no longer fun).  I love and miss Christopher so much and just when I think I am forgetting our lives together the Lord puts me in a place where memories come rushing down like a waterfall.     

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