Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 Months

I Did Its- Play Mat, Holding your head for even longer amounts of time, smiles-Daddy gets the best ones!  We have heard you laugh but in your sleep; we have not really made you laugh, Gripping our clothes and a toy, we caught you watching the TV while Daddy was playing a video game, Watched (listened to) Barney in Spanish, Skyped with Abuelo and Abuela but you were fussy, slept from 10:30 to 5:45 (YAY)- I woke up at least 4 times to check on you, met Mommy's friend at the Galleria for lunch and had first public feeding (that took forever), vaccinations, Papa fed you a bottle, put yourself back to sleep with a paci instead of needing a bottle (you let Mommy sleep until 5:30 instead of 4:45-THANKS!)

Growth- You are getting BIG!  I remember when you were born you were tiny and we had to buy newborn clothes and now you wear some 3 month clothes and you are only 2 months!  Size 1 diapers but the next box will be size 2 for sure, Your hair on top is slowly filling in :) 

2 Month Checkup Stats-

Weight- 11.9 1/2 lbs. (50-75%)
Height- 23.58 in. (75-90%)
Head- 15.78 in. (50%)
Things you enjoy- A bath (finally!) but not getting out :( , the way Daddy holds you, kicking your legs, lights-we limit this because you would stare at them constantly, paci, but only at certain times, although Mommy is a terrible singer I believe you enjoy it but I try to spare others from it

Obstacles- Tummy troubles (still) but the good thing is the doctor switched you to Similac Sensitive-we will see how it goes; finally making progress with feedings-feeding expert told us to pre make formula and store because shaking before hand is causing you ALOT of gas and to switch to a faster flowing nipple, Your fingernails-I am scared to trim them but filing only works for a day or so.  This is Mommy's obstacle-holding you too much; I have to stop or I will be holding you forever, tummy time-you are not a fan, trying to get on a consistent feeding schedule, I am still not ready to move you from your pack and play to your own room yet; maybe this will be an "I Did It" next month

I LOVE this outfit but unfortunately it will probably be the first and last time you wear it chunky man!


You are amazing and we love you more and more each passing moment.  I love to watch you with your Daddy; it makes my heart smile.  I can sit for hours watching you sleep and I wonder if you dream.  I am beginning to learn your cries which I thought was impossible.  I worry when you fuss but I know it is normal.  I pray that you will continue to be a healthy boy and make the absolute most of your life.

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