Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Busy!

I am so busy with school and work. I am loving school and to be honest work is not horrible. The people I work with make me laugh and I make pretty good money. I basically work three doubles a week and hopefully bring home more than three hundred dollars which is awesome for me. I have worked in part time retail while in school and a two week paycheck would be less than hundred dollars. We went to South Carolina this past weekend to help Rudy's dad move out of his apartment. They have a ton of stuff and Bill did not throw anything away the entire weekend. I moved so many times in Auburn and my trash piles were as tall as me and I if I had not done that there would be not be any room in our current apartment. Rudy's mom, Carmen, had to fly to Spain early due to her mom having a stroke. As soon as Carmen arrived her mother starting making improvements which is wonderful for their family. We got back to Birmingham on Sunday and that was a long day to say the least. After unloading a new couch and two new bookshelves we drove to Tarrant to take a futon and the old bookshelves to Rudy's co-worker, Sylvio. It does not end there. The U-Haul had to be returned and Rudy did an excellent job of backing it into a parking place but he could not get it off the hitch. He worked with it for over five minutes while this older man parked his and unhitched it in less than two minutes. As we stand there still working with the stubborn U-Haul this nice man gets out of his car and comes over to help. He gives Rudy a mental high five by letting him know he has done everything right and then within a second pops the U-Haul right off the hitch. I laugh and Rudy says, "Oh man" and the nice man is gone with a good deed under his belt. Later that evening Rudy says out loud, "I knew the man was going to help because he has inner beauty." We are watching this new show titled, "Inner Beauty" so Rudy and I keep an out for inner beauty. On that show the contestants are very attractive but must prove their inner beauty and each week Rudy and I ask each other would I do that? Would I give my sit up for an elderly person, would I help a lost child find their parent, would I help someone up from a bike crash? Yes, I know I would and if it was a dangerous situation I would call for help. The contestants definitely do not pass all of their tests and it makes me very sad that there are such self centered people out there. Just so you know I am not perfect and may be selfish sometimes as well. But you know you got to pamper yourself every once in a while.

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