Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It has been awhile

I have been so busy that I have not had time to write. I have been writing (13 papers among other assignments) just not what I want to write. This makes me sad because letting out my thoughts relieves stress. It is midterm in my first semester of graduate school; I am loving every second of it. My grades are good so far, and my last midterm is next week. All I do is school work, but I am ok with this because the reward is going to be amazing. I observed in the schools this semester, and was touched by so many young people. Each one of them taught me something that I will take into my own classroom. "Second grade or lower," thats what I always told myself, but things have changed. Third graders are full of life, energy, and a desire to learn. You can have conversations with them and truly get to know them as people. I am trying to lose my fear of older children, because as a teacher you can do a lot more "thinking" projects with the older ones. It is such a beautiful thing to watch a child think, re-think, and finally come to a conclusion. I guess that is enough about school; Rudy and my parents are doing well. Rudy and I are trying to save money which is tough since I am in school, and not able to work full time. Living on my own has truly shown me how much life costs; everything from toothpaste to dog food. The little things that are a must, but you hate to buy will add up. My big thing is eating out; I love to eat out and relax. This is expensive; I have learned cooking can be relaxing as well. Not to mention, going to the store and getting the ingredients ready with my wonderful husband brings us closer. As busy as I am with school, marriage and work I never forget my brother. He is constantly on my mind, and I hope to touch lives that are going through similiar problems. What would he being today? I can not help but ask myself questions and answer with responses that would probably be false if he were still alive. All I can say is do not take advantage of your loved ones, and LISTEN to them.

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