Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disney Eats 2013

  We purchased the dining plan that included a quick service lunch, sit down dinner, and 2 snacks per day.  We did not include William; we paid for his meals on a separate ticket.  I am only discussing our dinners because they were somewhat "fancy" and the lunches were just park food.


  We ate at Portobello our first night in Disney.  It is Italian and we will not go back again.  The service was terrible and it was too fancy for William.  Rudy was trying to satisfy my Italian craving and if the service had been better I might give it another chance.  I had a shrimp pasta and Rudy had pork chops. The food was decent except for William's spaghetti.  After he refused to eat more than 2 bites I tasted it and understand why he did not eat it.  The dessert was AMAZING.  The plan included dessert for each person so we ordered chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.  The ice cream for William but we ended up putting some on our cake--HEAVEN.


  Crystal Palace was on Friday at the Magic Kingdom.  It was a character meet and greet with buffet style food.  The food was okay but not amazing.  The first time around it was cold so I went for seconds and luckily it was hot.  The selection was just not very good.  If not for the Cajun chicken pasta I would have left a very hungry pregnant woman.  Desserts were your usual buffet choices.  Blah.  We did get a great picture of William with Winnie the Pooh and he was completely free.


  We decided to go to Coral Reef in Epcot again this year and Rudy loved his steak.  However, I chose glorified mac n cheese.  My fault; not his.  Luckily I ordered a salad before hand.  William was a holy terror here; I blame it on a large booth.  He had too much room to move!  I will go here again but will order a steak.  Also, we hope to get a table directly in front of the fish next time.  I think William would be a bit calmer with something to look at since he does not eat more than 10 calories per meal.


  Unknowingly we saved the best for last.  My dad suggested The Rainforest Cafe largely in part for the atmosphere.  It is literally a forest with sound and light effects.  Also, a huge souvenir shop to kill time in while waiting for the food.  William actually ate here and was mostly calm.  When he did get loud it was not as obvious thanks to the sound effects (thunder and animal noises).  This was also a great place because it was located inside the Animal Kingdom and we had spent the entire day there.  We did not have to travel to a new place for dinner.

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