Monday, December 20, 2010


We are so blessed! My family drove down from Muscle Shoals with lots of baby gifts. I was so excited to see everyone and was so happy Meme saw my house. She loved it as did everyone else. I have been cleaning off and on since I found out they were coming to visit. Our house stays so dusty; I would have to dust everyday to keep the furniture nice and shiny. (And that is not happenning)! Saturday night we put the bedding in the crib and it is adorable. The nursery looks great so far. I got off track but back to my family's visit. When they arrived I showed them around and we talked for a while then started opening gifts. It felt like Christmas morning! We are so thankful. We got the car seat and stroller; which is the real necessity since we could not even get William home without the car seat. My amazing husband immediately put the stroller together and test drove it through the dining room. I can not wait to see him with his son! He also got the car seat in my Murano (8 weeks early but you can never be too sure). I opened the jumper and asked, "Will he use this right away?" Needless to say I got an all around, "No!" I know William has to hold his head up to use the jumper but I am pregnant and my mind is crazy right now. :) My parents got us the baby monitor, yay, another item I think is a necessity to even have a baby in the house. I opened a lot of clothes, blankets, etc. and can not wait to use each and every thing. I did not know that I would be blessed with 2 showers and we are truly touched. It was nice having everyone here in OUR home for pizza and catching up. Changing the subject entirely, I GRADUATED! I am now home until I find a teaching job next August. Cross your fingers and toes that I find a job. I did get a job working from home which I am extremely thankful for because I do not have to be away from sweet William. As I was walking across the stage (again) I could not believe I completed a Master's degree. I worked very hard to get to that stage and I have so many people to thank for that opportunity. Graduation came at the right time because I think Braxton's Hicks contractions have started. I have to move around a lot and sleeping is a job in itself. I enjoy feeling my sweet boy move around and grow but I am ready for these next 8 weeks to come and go. We want to meet William and I want to be a normal size again.

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