Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out of my Control

Some things are out of my control and I have to learn to rely on God to take the wheel of my life. I need to let God drive my life and just be the relaxed passenger. School is winding down and I feel so accomplished this semester. However, I took over the wheel mid-semester and did not rely on God as much as I should have. Most of us feel like if "you want the job done right, do it yourself" but what we forget is that He already knows the end while we are still stretching for the marathon. This week I started reading daily devotions again and have tried to bring God back as the center of my life. After receiving some discouraging news this afternoon I knew from my reaction afterwards that I am relying on my Lord to carry us up this mountain on this journey of life. Let me turn to some celebratory news: We are closing on our first home April 23. Not only does this day signify the beginning of a new chapter in our marriage but it is also Rudy's 28th birthday. We will take the whole month of May to update the home as well as move all of our belongings. Let me tell you how much I loathe moving; I would rather get dental work done for a week and I really dislike trips to the dentist. It will be a great adventure and hopefully Carmen (MIL) will come down and help. She is amazing at organization and I have not seen her since our trip to Spain last August. I miss my husband's family and wish they lived closer but that just way life is sometimes. I am out of class all summer so I should be able to keep this updated more often.

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